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At Action Auto Glass, we offer a range of quality products for our customers, all of which are very competitively priced. Whether you need windscreens, body glass, or wipers, we have everything you need and can expertly repair or replace products at your convenience. We have flexible hours, and give a great attention to detail on every job, guaranteeing precision and efficiency for your complete satisfaction


Action Auto Glass supplies all types of windscreens, including:

  • Specialty rain and fog sensors
  • Infrared and acoustic glass (to minimise external noise)

The windscreen is usually the only area of a vehicle which requires lamination as this improves the vehicle’s overall structural strength. It helps to protect the vehicle’s occupants in the event of a traffic accident, as the glass won’t break into potentially harmful shards. It also protects against objects that could penetrate the vehicle through the front.

Typically, the lamination process involves setting two layers of glass between a layer of substrate. These are then bonded with multiple cellulose compounds, melded through heat, and roll-pressed to ensure a clean, clear finish.

Chips and cracks

At Action Auto Glass, we view and assess windscreen damage for repair before considering replacement because repairing is a far quicker and more cost-effective process. If we believe the damage is beyond repair, we’ll advise replacement and walk you through the associated costs and processes.

Body glass

Action Auto Glass supplies and fits all kinds of body glass, including:

  • Door glass
  • Rear windows
  • Opera glass (porthole size windows)

If you have an older vehicle with glass that doesn’t meet modern safety standards, we can apply a window film to the windows to increase their strength.

Also referred to as safety glass, heat-strengthened tempered glass is primarily used for the side and back windows of a vehicle, and tends to crumble rather than shatter when compromised. Unlike laminated glass, safety glass cannot be repaired.

Auto tinting

Action Auto Glass owns the Tint-A-Car franchise for the area. This means we have access to the highest quality products, as well as expert back-up services. It also allows us to extend a nationwide guarantee on all Tint-A-Car products and services for our customers’ added convenience. 

Window tinting has many benefits:

  • It minimises sun and headlight glare, making driving much safer
  • It insulates the interior of your vehicle, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Should your vehicle be involved in an accident, the tint film can reduce glass shattering
  • Tinting improves privacy when driving
  • Tinting reduces UV damage to your upholstery and vinyl

Paint protection

The bodywork of your vehicle is put at risk every day from the elements and general wear and tear, so paint protection is ideal to prevent damage. Our once-only hydrophobic application with UV protectants is warrantied against fade and loss of gloss. It’s also resistant to tree sap and bird droppings, so your vehicle will always look its best.


Headlight and bonnet protection

Ricochet headlight and surface protection film is a high-impact, clear membrane that adheres directly to your headlights and paintwork like a second skin. The effect is a seamless, almost invisible extra protection for the areas of your car that are most vulnerable to damage from stone chips and other flying debris.

Ricochet can be applied to protect headlight glass, bumpers, spoilers, bonnets and roofline above the windshield, wing mirrors, door handles, around key slots, and over the fuel cap area.

Home and office window tinting

Window tinting can make an impressive difference to the look and feel of your home or workplace. It can also reduce heat loss or gain, while increasing privacy at the same time. Meanwhile, security film reduces the risk of a window shattering and causing injury in an accident, and offers greater impact absorption in the event of an attempted intrusion through a window.

Our tinting has been commissioned for new and established homes, offices, schools, and childcare centres. Please feel free to give us a call for details and pricing.

Rare spares

Action Auto Glass is an agent for Rare Spares, which means that no matter how rare or old your vehicle is, if there’s a replacement part available, we can source it for you.

Heavy industry

Action Auto Glass supplies, prepares, and fits flat laminated glass for all types of trucks, excavators, and heavy machinery, including above and below-ground mining machines.

We’re regularly called out to mines and other locations for on-site repairs and replacements, and no job is too small, large, far or difficult for our team. Available 24 hours a day, we also supply and fit Perspex and scratch-resistant Lexcen to machinery for added convenience.


Something as simple as regular replacement of wiper blades can avoid damage to a windscreen. At Action Auto Glass, we supply and fit replacement wiper blades, arms, clips, seals, and more for all makes and models of vehicle, both domestic and industrial.

Waterjet cutter

Waterjet cutters are versatile machines that can cut virtually any solid object (including steel) up to six inches thick, with extreme precision and accuracy. This top-quality machine can incise to a different degree than laser and plasma cutting without a heat-affected zone, and can tackle conductive materials.

Ideal for designing business logos, the waterjet cutter can create all sorts of shapes and outlines, with a much more professional finish than traditional laser cutting. From hard materials, such as stone, marble, floor tiles, and glass, to softer foam and rubber and plastic the waterjet cutter can handle all types of materials to deliver an excellent end product.

At Action Auto Glass, we’ve invested in our very own waterjet cutter, and can now offer these specialist services to our clients.

Call us today for more information about our Products & services.

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